When it comes to baseball, you have all the freedom to choose the best gear that you will be using. Sometimes there are positions that require a special type of gear. Also, keep in mind that each position on the field is unique.

Here, we are going to give you the basic gear that you can use as a baseball player. Whether you are just playing in your backyard or you are a member of a baseball team, the following are the necessary gear that you will need. So, get geared up and start swinging!

Baseball Bat

Obviously, you cannot play baseball if you do not have a bat. Although it can still be fun if you simply get your glove and play catch with your friends, however, the game itself is all about hitting, which means that you need a bat.

There is a wide variety of bats that are available, some models are designed for adults while others are for youth. Youth bats are a bit lighter and smaller than adult bats! Adult bats have bigger barrels, that is why they are heavier. Using a bat with a bigger barrel can help you in hitting the ball more solidly. Hence, it is advisable that you should get a bigger bat that you can handle. Being able to handle means that you can swing and hold it comfortably. And make sure that it does not feel like a log when carrying it.

Bats can either be made of wood, metal, or aluminum. Metal bats are used in most leagues that are not part of the professional baseball team. Metal bats have actually some nice benefits. For instance, they do not break, and they can hit the ball a lot better. Wood bats look lovely, and they can be made from different varieties of wood.

The best part about wood bats is the way how they sound when you hit the ball really hard. You can’t find anything like it! The price range for youth models is between $20 and  $200, and it could increase to $400 for adult models. When it comes to your baseball bat, there are a plethora of options for you.

Baseball Glove

Most likely, one of the first things that you will ever need is a baseball glove. Choosing one can be very overwhelming since there are tons of baseball gloves out there that are produced by different companies. They come in different designs, colors, sizes, materials, and uses. A mitt will be used by a catcher. Usually, this is much larger compared to a traditional baseball glove.

Also, it is designed in such a way that it can quickly catch those fastballs from pitchers. You can either choose adult-sized gloves or youth-sized gloves. Typically, youth gloves are made of low quality and are a bit smaller. However, they are much cheaper compared to the adult ones. The price range of youth gloves is between $20 and $100, while adult gloves cost between $50 and $300.

Most often, the quality of baseball gloves varies depending on the material being used. Generally, they are made of leather. Very high-end leather gloves can likely cost $500. Most professional players are using this type of gloves. When it comes to purchasing a baseball glove for yourself, the major rule of thumb is to try it first to make sure that it feels good and fits well.


In order to play, you will need balls. Baseballs usually have a rubberized core, then densely covered with yarn, and protected with full-grain leather. Although some balls are protected with plastic so they can still be used during wet weather.

Baseballs typically have a weight of 5.25 ounces and are very hard. They have a perfect round shape and are used for throwing. If you pick one up, you will likely feel like throwing them right away!

Catcher’s Gear

Protective gear is essential if you are a catcher. A catcher’s gear is comprised of a helmet, chest pad, and leg guards. They come in various sizes depending on your needs and are manufactured by various companies. A cheap set of gear costs below $100. While the finest ones cost about $400.

Over the course of a baseball game, catchers are continuously hit by baseballs. Pitchers will throw the balls, hitters will hit the balls, and in turn, they will bounce into the catcher and hit them hard, which could be painful. If you don’t have a catcher’s gear, then you won’t be able to get back into the game to catch those pitches.

Batting Helmet

If you want to play the game or want to attempt hitting live pitching, then you will need a helmet. Helmets are usually made of sturdy strong plastic material and consist of interior padding to make you feel comfortable and safe. You can choose from various models and colors. Its price is usually between $15 and $70. Basically, helmets are rated based on the protection they can provide you, which is usually by the miles per hour of the baseball.

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Protective Cup

Although it is not fun to wear, it is very important for males. Protective cups are usually inserted in front of baseball shorts. They are specifically necessary for players on the infield since they will be getting lots of ground balls. Nevertheless, it is important that every player should wear them. If you neglect to wear them even just for one time, you will likely regret it for a long time!

Baseball Cleats

Cleats should be worn if you will be running around on the dirt and grass. Youth players usually wear cleats that are made of rubber. Although they don’t have a good grip on the ground, they are safer. Once the players have reached middle school, and beyond, they already choose to wear metal cleats which offer much better traction.

There are different sizes and shapes of cleats. Regardless of what you choose, it is allowed except if the coach requires that the same cleats should be worn by the whole team. When buying cleats, you can base them on your regular shoe size.

Although there might be a slight difference, that is why it is recommended that you should try them on before ordering them. Just like shoes, their price will differ depending on the material type and quality. The cost of a nice pair of cleats is between $60 and $120.

Baseball Hat

Whether you want to look cool with your team’s logo on it or you want to keep the sun out of your eyes, it is a must that you should wear a baseball hat in every game. Baseball hats are usually adjustable or come in custom sizes.

Baseball Pants

Baseball pants are an essential part of a baseball player. Younger baseball players commonly wear pants of different colors, which can either be white, black, gray, etc. On the other hand, older guys prefer to wear gray and white pants.

Some even include pinstripes on them. There are two styles of pants that you can choose from, which is either up or down. Pants that are worn up include elastic at the bottom. Today, most players prefer to wear open-bottom pants that can be worn down.

Baseball is an interesting game that can be enjoyed by everyone. At Ump Junk, you can find various choices for your baseball equipment. We also provide uniforms and accessories for umpires. For more information, you can call us at 210-364-1110 or send us an email at umpjunk@gmail.com.