Neat Tucks Active


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Ever had to struggle with keeping your uniform tucked? This one is a favorite of officials and umpires.

This product is designed to keep you looking professional while you carry out your job. It doesn't matter how much movement you have to make on the court or field, Neat Tucks Active is just what you need to keep your uniform in place. No more worrying about your look and no more awkward moments when the camera zooms in on you adjusting your shirt!

This awesome look is achieved by attaching Neat Tucks clips to the shirttail and then fastening the buckles around the legs. Neat Tucks Active comes with a strong rugged buckle that remains fastened even while running, jumping, bending, stretching, or crouching. Neat Tucks Active is also designed with very soft, lightweight but durable fabric that stays comfortably in place and absolutely burden free allowing you to focus on the game. This product is an incredible creation you don't want to miss out on!