Umpiring can be a very challenging job, especially if you are aiming to become a good umpire. Keep in mind that when ranking officials, there are certain things that evaluators are looking for. Depending on the standard of the evaluator, the following is most often their criteria for judging:


As an umpire, it is important to dress properly and maintain your appearance in such a way that is appropriate to the prestige and relevance of the great game of baseball. Always avoid wearing faded pants, shirts, or hats, and be sure that your shoes are clean.

Unfortunately, a poorly dressed umpire may not earn some respect, just like an unkempt businessman who might lose their credibility. It is important to look professional since this is an essential part of being a professional.


As much as possible, you should respect the game as well as all the people involved with it, including the coaches, players, fans, and your fellow umpires.

Practice good behavior, attitude, and conduct not only on the field but also outside the field. Perception is important. How do you think people perceive you? Be sure to arrive on time, perhaps at least 30 minutes before the start of the game, or much better, one hour.


Try to be teachable. If you are not able to listen as you are being taught or criticized, it will most often reflect on your performance during the game when dealing with the players and coaches. Don’t be the type of official who always says, “Yeah, but.” You can be friendly with the people around you but also companionable.

Be firm with your decision, but don’t be too overbearing. It’s fine to feel confident, but avoid being “cocky.” Be courteous, but avoid being ingratiating. You can be calm and alert at the same time. Most often, having a dignified attitude can prevent the start of any argument.


When making decisions, it should be done positively and consequently with good timing. Overly hesitating or showing timidity will only prove that you lack confidence. Umpires who are just starting must be cautious about making decisions prematurely.

Physically Fit

Umpires should be physically fit, if not, then they can become a liability to the game of baseball. Since athletes are in good condition, umpires and other officials must also keep up with the pace. They should move quickly so they can reach the best position to effectively cover a play. Always remember that hustle is vital.


This can be obtained through experience. When making decisions, umpires must ensure that they are based on facts. Sometimes umpires will make mistakes with their judgments. However, you should not attempt to even it up. The key is to practice consistency at all times.

Proper Mechanics

To make accurate judgment calls, you must have the best coverage. As much as possible, try to be in the best position while avoiding being hit by the ball or being in the way of the players. There are a lot of umpires who are experts with the rules; however, they were not accepted since they have poor mechanics. As an efficient umpire, you should avoid being a

showboat. Reliable umpires can successfully perform their duties without any flair. Most often, being too dramatic will not accomplish your intended goal. Additionally, such behavior can make players lose confidence in the umpire. Discreet dignity is often more effective.

Knowledge of the Rules

When it comes to good umpires, it will greatly depend on the umpires’ complete understanding and knowledge of the rules of the game and how effective they are in applying them.

Thoroughly understanding the rules requires consistency and analytical study. You should not only “read,” but you also have to study so you can mentally picture the players and the different situations. Oftentimes, coaches, players, and fans will quickly lose their confidence in umpires due to their constant mistakes in rule interpretation or judgment.

Having Control of the Game

As a good umpire, you must be able to control the game effectively and handle any unsportsmanlike situations properly. Ejections should be professionally handled. As much as possible, try to keep the game moving. When dealing with irritated players or coaches, don’t act as if you are looking for a battle.

When you encounter unsportsmanlike behavior, whether on the field or the bench, you should know when it’s time to “nip” it in a professional way before it even gets out of hand.

When an ejection happens, you and your fellow umpires must know your responsibilities. It is known worldwide that umpires have made a great contribution to the establishment of baseball traditions. Hence, it is the responsibility of all umpires to contribute all that they can to maintain these notable traditions in baseball.

This can be done by giving your best service to this chosen profession or hobby. To maintain its high standards, all umpires must carry out their tasks to the best of their ability. Throughout the world, umpires have been well-known and greatly admired for their integrity.

Regardless of your impeccable rules knowledge, mechanical prowess, or sound judgment, your effectiveness as an umpire hinges on how others perceive you. A proficient umpire extends beyond mastering the technicalities; it involves excelling in intangibles and cultivating a positive perception.

Umpires who incessantly lament about their game assignments or question others’ progress seldom garner respect. The demand for umpires rises when they evolve into experts in the intangibles and project a positive image.

Consider the visual aspects: Is your uniform clean? Is your attire appropriate, avoiding tight pants that may snag on shin guards? An outdated cap or a disheveled appearance, especially after a couple of innings, detracts from professionalism. Mannerisms reflecting insecurity or fear also diminish credibility.

Coaches, particularly with novice umpires, are astute at sensing vulnerabilities. It’s akin to wolves detecting fresh meat.

In contrast to amateur outbursts, major leaguers maintain composure, projecting control and confidence. This composed demeanor contributes to a relaxed and assured image.

Engaging in constant dialogue with catchers or frequent partner visits during innings may erode credibility. Coaches typically prefer umpires who maintain focus and refrain from unnecessary distractions.

In conclusion, a stellar umpire not only excels in rules and mechanics but also masters the subtle art of projecting professionalism and confidence, thereby earning the respect of players, coaches, and peers.

Do you have the habit of using the “one more word” line? Do you snap your mask and head to the dugout every time you are getting flak on pitches? If the batter murmurs something while walking away, will you follow him and force him to reveal what he said? When there is an argument, do you have the last, middle, or first word to say? In all of these cases, it seems that you are the aggressor.

You must have good judgment and have mastered the rules and mechanics of the game. However, all of these would not matter if you were perceived as a clueless, humorless, and arrogant person. If you want to be a good umpire, then you should focus more on the intangibles of effective officiating rather than on other unnecessary things. Always be nice and avoid looking for trouble. As much as possible. strive for excellence, but not necessarily perfection.

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